Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

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In the Demon Slayer series, the most intense battles are those between the Upper Moons and the Pillars. Why do these fights get so heated? It’s because both sides are incredibly strong, and a battle between powerful foes is always thrilling to watch.

If you were to rank the top 10 strongest characters in Demon Slayer, including all the characters from the two factions of demons and demon slayers, who would you choose? I have compiled my own top 10 list based on the entire series up to the final episode.

Please note that this is just my personal opinion, and I’d appreciate it if you could take it lightly without criticism.

8. Strongest Demon Slayer character: Kyojuro Rengoku

Muichiro Tokito

The 10th strongest Demon Slayer character is Muichiro Tokito. At first, I disliked Muichiro, but he turned out to be a kind older brother who loves his siblings more than anyone else, despite being clumsy. His character’s gap between his appearance and personality is fantastic.

The reason I ranked him 10th is that he managed to resist Upper Moon One, Kokushibo, even after losing his fingers. Muichiro contributed to the victory in the battle against Kokushibo by manifesting his Demon Slayer mark. I debated between him and Giyu Tomioka, but considering the fight against Kokushibo, I decided that Muichiro was stronger.

8. Strongest Demon Slayer character: Kyojuro Rengoku

Mitsuri Kanroji

The 9th strongest Demon Slayer character is Mitsuri Kanroji. I struggled between her and Muichiro Tokito for the 10th place, but I decided to place her in the 9th spot. Mitsuri is a genius who became a Pillar in record time.

According to Gyomei Himejima, she is a “talented swordsman who became a Pillar within two months of picking up a sword.” She was the first character to manifest her Demon Slayer mark and was able to explain the process at a meeting, demonstrating her intelligence.

Mitsuri also boasts incredible strength, attacking with a speed that even Upper Moon Five, Gyokko, couldn’t keep up with, and bringing the fight to a quick conclusion. What’s most surprising is that she was only 14 years old.

8. Strongest Demon Slayer character: Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku

The 8th strongest Demon Slayer character is Kyojuro Rengoku. He became the man worth 40 billion yen in the Demon Slayer movie, Mugen Train. During the events of the Mugen Train, Kyojuro dealt with 70% of the problems caused by Lower Moon One, Enmu, saving all the passengers on the train without anyone dying.

When Upper Moon Three, Akaza, appeared, Kyojuro protected the weakened Tanjiro while fighting. However, in the end, it was mostly a one-on-one duel, and Kyojuro was pierced through the chest by Akaza. Despite being severely injured, Kyojuro applied pressure to his wounded arm and tried to expose Akaza to sunlight, showcasing an incredible will to live.

Although he ultimately died, and Akaza escaped, Kyojuro’s death motivated Tanjiro to grow stronger rapidly. Kyojuro’s life as a Pillar was incredibly cool, fulfilling his duties to the very end.

I ranked Kyojuro 8th because, even without manifesting his Demon Slayer mark, he managed to corner Upper Moon Three. In comparison, Muichiro Tokito had to manifest his mark to overwhelm Upper Moon Five. I believe that neither Muichiro nor Giyu Tomioka would have been able to defeat Akaza. Giyu, who was of similar strength, was defeated in the

Demon Slayer’s Strongest Characters, Rank 7: Akaza


Coming in at number 7 on the list of the strongest Demon Slayer characters is Akaza.

Akaza is a powerful demon who has defeated numerous Pillars. His regenerative abilities are top-notch among the Upper Ranks, allowing him to heal severed body parts instantaneously. He has an uncanny ability to survive what would typically be fatal attacks.

His Blood Demon Art, “Destructive Death,” enhances his physical capabilities, allowing him to defeat opponents with his fists. Compared to other Upper Ranks, Akaza possesses a simple yet powerful strength. He has a unique ability called “Fighting Spirit,” enabling him to read his opponent’s movements.

Akaza demonstrates great adaptability, quickly understanding his opponent’s attack style and adjusting his strategy accordingly. His close-range attacks are formidable, and he can also emit shockwaves for mid-range assaults.

The reason for ranking Akaza at number 7 is his ability to defeat the 8th-ranked Flame Pillar, Rengoku Kyojuro. Without Tanjiro’s intervention, Akaza might have also killed the Water Pillar, Giyu Tomioka.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest Characters, Rank 6: Kamado Tanjiro

Ranked 6th in the list of the strongest Demon Slayer characters is the protagonist, Kamado Tanjiro.

Tanjiro not only masters the Water Breathing technique but also learns the strongest breathing technique, Sun Breathing. His rapid growth is remarkable, going from being defeated by Lower Ranks to playing a significant role in battles against Upper Ranks.

He contributes to defeating Upper Rank Six, Upper Rank Four, Upper Rank Three, and the series’ primary antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji. Tanjiro’s exceptional abilities are, without a doubt, a result of his protagonist status.

During the battle against Akaza, Tanjiro enters the “Transparent World” and manages to defeat him. In this moment, Tanjiro briefly attains the supreme state that Akaza desired. Together with Giyu Tomioka, Tanjiro avenges Rengoku’s death in an incredibly thrilling battle.

Tanjiro is ranked 6th for defeating 7th ranked Akaza. Considering the characters ranked above him, this placement seems fitting.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest Characters, Rank 5: Doma

At number 5 on the list of the strongest Demon Slayer characters is Doma.

Doma can manipulate ice freely with his Blood Demon Art, making it possible to destroy an opponent’s lungs just by inhaling. He killed Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho, her sister Kanae, and Inosuke’s mother.

Unlike Akaza, who only fights males and consumes females, Doma consumes both, making his energy reserves superior. However, Doma tends to underestimate his opponents, leading to his surprising defeat by Kanae and Inosuke.

If Doma had taken his opponents seriously from the start, he might have defeated most of the Pillars. His ability to cause defeat just by breathing makes him an extraordinarily powerful character.

Doma can create a “Crystal Child,” a clone about half his size, which possesses equal power to the original. This terrifying ability makes him monstrously strong. However, his arrogance ultimately leads to his downfall.

The choice between Tanjiro and Doma was challenging, but considering Tanjiro’s close call in the battle against Akaza, Doma is deemed stronger and takes the 5th position.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest, Rank 4: Himejima Gyomei

The 4th strongest character in Demon Slayer is Himejima Gyomei.

Often referred to as the strongest of the current Pillars.

He has fought on equal footing with Upper Rank One, Kokushibo, and boasts enough strength to cover for Muichiro Tokito.

Gyomei effortlessly enters the Transparent World, a realm Tanjiro momentarily accessed.

By repeating his movements, he significantly enhances his physical abilities, contributing to his victories.

In the battle against Kokushibo, Gyomei fought alongside Muichiro Tokito, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Genya Shinazugawa. If there were no hindrances, we might have seen an even stronger Gyomei.

As the emotional support for Love Pillar Mitsuri Kanroji, Gyomei serves as the strongest and mental pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Even before joining the Demon Slayer Corps, he possessed monstrous strength, slaying demons until dawn.

The reason Gyomei ranks 4th is his reputation as the strongest among the Demon Slayers and his equal combat with Upper Rank One Kokushibo, known for his unparalleled strength among the Upper Ranks.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest Rank 3rd: Kokushibo

The 3rd strongest character in Demon Slayer is Kokushibo.

A rule-breaking character who, despite being a demon, uses a Breathing Technique.

With exceptional strength among the Upper Ranks, he managed to kill Muichiro Tokito and Genya Shinazugawa while fighting the Demon Slayer Corps’ strongest.

Kokushibo’s true identity is the brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who created the Breath of the Sun. Unable to master the Breath of the Sun, Kokushibo learned the Breath of the Moon as a derivative. This inferiority complex led him to become a demon and attempt to kill Yoriichi, but he could never defeat him regardless of his age.

It was difficult to decide who was stronger between Kokushibo and Gyomei in a one-on-one battle. However, considering Kokushibo fought against four opponents and maintained an equal or superior standing, I determined he was stronger.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest, Rank 1st: Muzan Kibutsuji

The 2nd strongest character in Demon Slayer is Muzan Kibutsuji.

He is the final boss of Demon Slayer.

The creator of all demons, Muzan has lived as a demon for over a thousand years.

His goal is to conquer the sun.

Muzan cannot be killed by decapitation alone, as he has five brains and seven hearts that constantly move within his body.

In the battle against Muzan, three Pillars lost their lives. Even with the entire Demon Slayer Corps, Muzan was an overwhelmingly powerful demon.

Demon Slayer’s Strongest character: Yoriichi Tsugikuni

The strongest character in Demon Slayer is Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Frankly, when determining the strongest character in Demon Slayer, Yoriichi Tsugikuni is undeniably the first, followed by Muzan.

Yoriichi is the strongest, no matter what anyone says.

He is like Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Even his brother, Kokushibo, acknowledges him as “beyond the realm of worldly understanding” and “one who has received the favor of the gods.”

Yoriichi is the only swordsman in the series whom Muzan genuinely fears, calling him a “true monster.”

As the creator of the Breath of the Sun, Yoriichi is also the first to manifest a Demon Slayer Mark. He developed the Total Concentration Breathing techniques and taught the derivatives of the Breath of the Sun: Flame, Water, Wind, Stone, and Thunder. All of this was made possible by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

Without Yoriichi, the current Demon Slayer Corps would not exist. His unparalleled strength and influence continue to shape the Demon Slayer world, and his legacy is firmly established as the strongest character in the series.

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