Who Is The Final Villain of Attack on Titan?

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With the anime’s final season airing, the shocking truth about the final villain in “Attack on Titan” has left fans reeling. In this article, we discuss who the final boss is and why they became the final villain. Beware of spoilers from the entire series, including the final episodes and upcoming anime episodes. If you want to avoid spoilers, please close this article now.

Eren’s Transformation: From Hero to Villain

To cut to the chase, the final boss of “Attack on Titan” is none other than the protagonist, Eren. Initially, Eren and his friends, along with the Survey Corps and Garrison, aimed to exterminate the Titans from the world. However, when Eren discovers his Titan transformation ability, humanity within the walls becomes divided on whether he is a friend or foe. Despite this, Eren becomes known as “humanity’s hope,” and the operation to reclaim Wall Maria is executed.

The Turning Point: Why Eren Became the Final Villain

There are various theories and speculations as to why Eren became the final villain. In our opinion, Eren’s kindness left him with no choice but to take on the role of the villain. Upon unlocking the “power of the Founder,” Eren likely understood everything. He knew that a peaceful resolution, specifically through negotiations with the outside world, was impossible.

Eren’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Eren believed that becoming the final villain was the best course of action for both himself and his friends. He realized that the memories of the people within the walls had been altered by the power of the “Founding Titan,” but this fact was irrelevant to those outside the island. With his kindness, consideration for his friends, strong sense of justice, and intense feelings of responsibility, Eren had no choice but to follow this path.

Uniting Enemies: Eren’s True Goal

Uniting all the people of the world against one common enemy was Eren’s goal. In the end, Eldians and Marleyans, who once despised each other, join forces to stop Eren. The fact that these two parties, who had loathed each other so much, cooperate to stop Eren in the end is precisely what Eren aimed for. He made himself the villain, creating a pretext to destroy the world, and deliberately forced his friends to turn their blades against him. Ultimately, he orchestrated events to have his friends hailed as “heroes.”

Eren’s Death and the Bittersweet Love Story

Eren, who fought to the end as the Attack Titan, ultimately meets a tragic end as Mikasa cuts off his head, leading to his death. Mikasa, who loved Eren, was forced to make the decision to behead the one she loved until the end. This work deals with issues similar to many ethnic conflicts, class issues, and other difficult problems that still exist in contemporary society. However, at its core, “Attack on Titan” can also be seen as a love story between Eren and Mikasa—a grand story of two clumsy people who can’t be honest with each other, and a truly bittersweet tale.

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