Who Is Luffy’s Mother? Here Are 6 Possible Candidates

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The long-running manga “One Piece,” which has been serialized for over 20 years, still keeps the family background of its protagonist, Luffy, shrouded in mystery, especially when it comes to his mother, about whom almost no information has been revealed.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine what kind of person Luffy’s mother is, and whether she has already appeared in the story.

Luffy’s Family:

The currently known members of Luffy’s family are his father, Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and his grandfather, Garp, who is affiliated with the Navy.

Luffy’s father, the Dragon, is the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army, which opposes the World Government and is referred to as the “world’s worst criminal.” He made his memorable appearance in the 100th chapter of “One Piece,” but his background and abilities remain largely unknown.

Luffy’s grandfather, Garp, is a vice admiral in the Navy Headquarters and holds a prestigious position. He is an old and influential figure known as the “Hero of the Navy” and has fought against the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

Both are well-known figures, and it is clear that Luffy’s family background is extraordinary.

Characteristics of Luffy’s Mother:

Some characteristics of Luffy’s mother have actually been revealed. In a 2008 special feature article in the North American edition of Jump, when asked about Luffy’s mother, the author made the following comments:

  • Luffy’s mother is not beautiful
  • Luffy’s mother is a strong and strict woman
  • Luffy’s mother has a middle-aged woman’s permed hairstyle

From this, we can understand that she is not the stereotypical, unusually young-looking mother often found in fiction. Based on these characteristics, she could be a character similar to Dadan, the foster mother of Luffy and Ace.

The author’s remarks may be referring to Dadan herself or describing the actual characteristics of Luffy’s biological mother.

Prediction 1: Dadan

dadan one piece

If we apply the characteristics of Luffy’s mother mentioned by the author, Dadan emerges as the first candidate for Luffy’s mother.

Dadan is a mountain bandit with her base at Mt. Colubo. She is an old acquaintance of Luffy’s grandfather, Garp, and due to this connection, Luffy and Ace were raised under her care during their childhood.

One piece of evidence is the author’s statement, and the fact that she is an old acquaintance of Garp’s could mean that she is actually Garp’s daughter and Luffy’s real mother. In this case, Dragon would be her son-in-law.

Although Dadan is believed to be Luffy’s foster mother, there is a possibility that she is his real mother as well. However, if that was the case, she wouldn’t be very involved in Luffy’s adventures, but it would make sense if she were a responsible parent who took good care of her child.

Prediction 2: Olivia

olivia one piece

There is a theory that Robin’s mother, Nico Olivia, could be Luffy’s mother. This is because her age would not be unreasonable as she is Robin’s mother, and she was close to people with the “D” name, such as Hagwarl D. Saul.

Furthermore, the fact that Luffy’s father, Dragon, wanted to meet Robin cannot be overlooked (although the most likely reason is that he could use her for the revolution). It is possible that he was looking for Robin because she is Olivia’s child.

However, in this theory, Olivia would have to be alive, as she was declared dead when Ohara was destroyed three years before Luffy’s birth. If she were alive, she should have taken action to search for Robin.

Since there are no hints that Olivia survived after Ohara’s destruction, the possibility of her being Luffy’s mother is low.

Prediction 3: Rouge

rogue one piece

Another candidate for Luffy’s mother is Portgas D. Rouge, Ace’s mother. She is a mysterious character, known only as the wife of Gol D. Roger and the woman who gave birth to Ace before dying. Therefore, the possibility of her being Luffy’s mother cannot be ruled out.

In the story, Gol D. Roger answers the question of who will find the “One Piece” by saying, “That would be my son, wouldn’t it?” If Luffy is indeed the child of Roger and Rouge, this could become a true statement.

The problem with this theory is that Rouge is announced to have died before Luffy’s birth. The timeline is implausible for her to be Luffy’s mother.

Prediction 4: Im Sama

IM sama one piece

Im is a character who is said to hold a significant secret in the world of “One Piece” and made their first appearance in the World Affairs Arc in Volume 90. Im lives in Pangea Castle in the Holy Land Mariejois and seems to have a higher position than the Five Elders, who hold the world’s greatest power.

As only a silhouette has been shown so far, it is possible that Im is female. The theory that Im is Luffy’s mother arose from the fact that Im was looking at Luffy’s straw hat, which is his trademark, and his wanted poster.

There is also speculation that Dragon leads the Revolutionary Army to oppose his wife, Im, who is at the top of the World Government. The idea of a husband and wife leading opposing organizations is dramatic and quite possible.

Prediction 5: Bonney

Another candidate for Luffy’s mother is Jewelry Bonney. Bonney appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc as one of the “Eleven Supernovas” and is a pirate counted among the “Worst Generation,” just like Luffy.

The theory that Bonney is Luffy’s mother comes from the fact that her nickname, “The Glutton,” is similar to Luffy’s voracious appetite. Although it may seem strange considering her age, Bonney has the ability to manipulate her own and others’ ages, so her actual age could be older than she appears.

However, it has been revealed that Bonney is the daughter of one of the Seven Warlords, Bartholomew Kuma. If she were Luffy’s mother, Luffy’s family structure would become even more complicated. Additionally, Bonney is from South Blue (Luffy is from East Blue), making the possibility of her being Luffy’s mother seem low.

Prediction 6: Stussy

stussy one piece

Stussy is known as the “Queen of the Pleasure District” and is also an intelligence agent for the organization “CP-0”, which is directly affiliated with the World Nobles. Although she appears young, she is estimated to be in her 30s or older based on her portrayal in the story.

The reason she is considered a candidate for Luffy’s mother is that if Luffy’s mother is involved in the story, it would be suspicious for her to belong to CP-0, an organization whose full scope is yet to be revealed. She may have entrusted Luffy to Garp because she could not have a child while working for an intelligence agency.

If Stussy is Luffy’s mother, there is a possibility of a reunion when Luffy confronts the World Government.

Did the author say that Luffy’s mother is a major character who already appeared in the story?

There is a rumour that the author said, “Luffy’s mother has already appeared in the story and is a major character,” but the author has not made such a statement. However, he has not denied it either, so the possibility that Luffy’s mother is a major character who has already appeared in the story remains.

If Luffy’s mother does appear, she will likely be a member of the “D Clan,” as both of Ace’s parents had the “D” name. Luffy’s mother may or may not have already appeared in the story. Let’s keep an eye on the upcoming developments.

Did Luffy’s mother appear in Volume 1?

There is also a rumour that Luffy’s mother appears with a name in Volume 1. This rumour has no clear source and no evidence.

If Luffy’s mother really appeared in Volume 1, the candidates would be limited. Theories include Rouge, who was mentioned as the source of the pirate flag design, Alvida, who was a tough-looking woman at the time, and Makino from Foosha Village. However, none of these seem to be very realistic candidates.

Even if Luffy’s mother does appear, it seems unlikely that she was involved in his departure, as Luffy probably doesn’t know about his mother, just as he didn’t know about his father, Dragon.

Who is Luffy’s mother? Looking forward to her future appearance! We have explained who Luffy’s mother might be and whether she has already appeared in the story. Luffy’s mother is still unknown and remains a mystery.

As the story enters its final chapter, it wouldn’t be surprising if Luffy’s birth is revealed or his mother appears. Let’s look forward to the upcoming revelations and developments in “One Piece”!

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