One Piece: Who is Enel?

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One Piece fans, we will be talking about the character Enel, who was defeated by Luffy in the unforgettable Sky Island arc. There have been swirling rumors that Enel might make a comeback, perhaps even as the final boss!

The theory of Enel’s return has gained traction with his appearance in the cover stories. In this article, we’ll explore all the available information on this fascinating character.

one piece who is enel?

Enel’s Background

Enel, who was 37 years old two years ago (making him 39 now), was a feared deity on Sky Island Skypiea, hailing originally from Sky Island Birka. He made a sudden appearance in Skypiea with his followers, overthrew then-God Gan Fall, and ruled as a god for six years. After his encounter with Luffy and his crew, Enel was expelled from Skypiea and set his sights on the boundless land known as Fairy Vearth.

Considering himself a “god,” Enel attacks those who don’t show him respect as divine punishment. His abilities allowed him to monitor the movements of everyone in Skypiea, and he was constantly in conflict with the native Shandians. Enel has a bright and ruthless personality, quickly dismissing his defeated subordinates as lacking divine protection. He is highly intelligent and adapts his fighting style depending on his opponent, wielding a unique staff called the “Nono-sama Bo.” Enel has a penchant for fruits like apples and bananas.

First Appearance & Devil Fruit

Enel made his first appearance in Volume 27, participating in a survival game in Skypiea’s Upper Yard with the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shandian residents, and his divine army – a total of 81 participants. He possessed unmatched power in Skypiea, using his Devil Fruit ability to harness lightning in battle.

His lightning-based attacks are not only powerful but grant him great speed, making him seem divine. Enel’s followers include four close aides called “priests” and various soldiers.

Enel’s power comes from the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, allowing him to generate and control lightning, and even transform his body into lightning. He can move at lightning speed, with a maximum output of 200 million volts, making the Goro Goro no Mi one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in the series. Rubber, however, is his natural enemy.

Enel can cause widespread lightning strikes and possesses the Ark Maxim, a ship powered by his lightning. As a Logia-type user, opponents must exploit his weakness or possess Haki to land attacks. Luffy, a rubber man, could land attacks on him, but Enel generally neutralizes all other attacks.

Enel can use electric heat to transform his Nono-sama Bo into a cutting weapon or create balls of electricity to stick to opponents. If his heart stops, he can use lightning to resuscitate himself. He can also change the shape of thunderclouds, causing massive explosions capable of erasing entire islands. Enel attempted to destroy Skypiea using this technique.

Enel’s Downfall

Enel debuted in the Skypiea arc of “One Piece.” The Straw Hat Pirates encountered a massive galleon falling from the sky after departing from Alabasta, leading them to discover the existence of an island in the sky. Upon reaching Skypiea, they found it under Enel’s control.

The story evolved into a three-way battle between the Straw Hat Pirates, Enel’s divine army, and the native Shandia people. Enel predicted that only five of the 81 participants would survive after three hours, intending to journey to Fairy Vearth with the survivors. Luffy, immune to Enel’s lightning attacks due to his rubber body, defeated Enel by launching him and a large quantity of gold into the sky.

After regaining consciousness, Enel embarked on a journey to Fairy Vearth aboard his ark, the Maxim.

Enel’s Haki

Enel possesses an ability called “Mantra,” which enables him to predict opponents’ movements, sense distant “voices,” and discern how many people are nearby. In Skypiea, he used this power to predict adversaries’ actions during the survival battle and monitor the remaining survivors.

In the Blue Sea, this power is called “Haki.” Haki has three types: “Conqueror’s Haki,” “Armament Haki,” and “Observation Haki.” Enel possesses “Observation Haki,” as explained by Rayleigh, who refers to Mantra as Haki in Skypiea.

Will Enel Return?

There is ongoing speculation about Enel’s potential return to the series. Some theories suggest he could appear in the final arc or even as the ultimate antagonist. During his time in Fairy Vearth, Enel may have amassed new followers, creating an Enel Army that could reappear in the story.

What If Enel Returned?

If Enel does make a return to the One Piece story, it could have a significant impact on the narrative and the characters involved. Here are some ways that Enel’s return could change the story:

  1. New alliances and rivalries: Enel’s return could lead to the formation of new alliances and rivalries, as various factions and characters may have their own reasons for siding with or against him. The Straw Hat Pirates and other groups may need to work together to face the renewed threat that Enel poses.
  2. Enel’s character development: Enel’s time away from the story may have allowed him to grow and develop as a character. He could return with new abilities, strategies, and perspectives, making him a more formidable and complex antagonist.
  3. Revelation of new information: Enel’s journey to Fairy Vearth could have provided him with knowledge about the world and its mysteries, such as the Void Century, the Ancient Weapons, or the true nature of the One Piece treasure. This information could be crucial to the overall story and change how the characters perceive their goals and the world around them.
  4. Impact on the final arc: If Enel returns as the ultimate antagonist, it could raise the stakes for the final arc, as the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies would have to face off against a powerful and cunning enemy. This could lead to intense battles and dramatic confrontations that would challenge the characters’ abilities, strategies, and resolve.
  5. Haki mastery: Enel’s return could showcase his mastery of Haki, particularly Observation Haki, as he may have honed his skills further during his time in Fairy Vearth. This would make him an even more dangerous adversary, forcing Luffy and his crew to improve their own Haki abilities to stand a chance against him.
  6. A test for Luffy’s leadership: Enel’s return could serve as a major test for Luffy’s leadership abilities, as he would need to rally his crew and allies to face this powerful foe. This could lead to character growth for Luffy and showcase his development as a captain.

Fans eagerly await the possibility of Enel’s return two years after his initial appearance. When he does reappear, audiences can expect to witness Enel’s battles in the Blue Sea, adding another thrilling chapter to the One Piece saga.

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